Official Piano Accompanist

We are delighted to introduce and acknowledge our official piano accompanist for the finalists of the GASCA International Music Competition. With their exceptional skill, profound knowledge, and impeccable artistry, they will enhance the performances of our talented musicians, bringing out the best in every piece. Their dedication and commitment to excellence will provide the perfect musical partnership, creating a harmonious and captivating environment for our esteemed finalists to showcase their extraordinary talent.


In the world of classical music, one name has been making waves with their mesmerizing piano performances and exceptional expertise - Yang Di'an. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Taipei, Taiwan, Yang Di'an has been forging a path of musical excellence since their early days of education.

About Yang Di'an

Having studied at esteemed institutions such as Zhanghe Middle School, National Xindian Middle School Music Class, and the prestigious National Taiwan University of the Arts Music Department, Yang Di'an's passion for piano flourished under the guidance of renowned mentors. The master's program at Tainan University of the Arts beckoned, graciously accepting Yang Di'an into their ranks, with a specialization in Piano Cooperation and a tutelage from esteemed maestros Wei Yumei, Chen Meifu, Lu Yizhi, and Pan Yiyi.

With a solid educational foundation, Yang Di'an's musical journey continued to flourish as they embarked upon a fulfilling career as a full-time piano teacher at Yamaha. For seven enriching years, Yang Di'an has shared their profound knowledge and nurtured countless aspiring musicians. Noteworthy is their accomplishment of passing the rigorous Aureus full-time piano teacher examination in Singapore, attaining specialization in various international certifications.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, Yang Di'an's talent has graced prestigious concert halls, captivating audiences with their lyrical interpretations and extraordinary command over the keys. Each performance serves as a testament to Yang Di'an's dedication, precision, and unwavering commitment to the art of piano.

Yang Di'an's unique blend of technical prowess, artistic sensitivity, and vast musical repertoire continues to enthrall both critics and fans alike. With a bright future ahead, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Yang Di'an's musical odyssey, eagerly waiting to witness the magic that unfolds as their fingers dance across the ivory keys.

Performance Experience 

2009: He held a piano solo concert at Tai'an Hospital. In 2010, he performed "Gehrig's Piano Concerto in A minor" with the National Xindian Middle School Orchestra.

2012: He participated in the "Sagrada Familia 60th Anniversary Concert" of the Xindian High School music class and collaborated on the piano with baritone soloist Zhu Yushengzhi. In 2013, he participated in the "Sagrada Familia Christmas" with the Music Department of the National Taiwan University of Arts as a piano accompanist of the Sagrada Familia Choir. Concert" 2013, National Taiwan University of Arts "Lee Lu Tailong Vocal Concert" Piano Concerto

2014: He participated as a piano concerto in the National Taiwan University of Arts Choir's performance of "Mendel's Song - Elijah" and performed at Sun Yat-Sen Hall. In 2015, he toured Malaysia as a piano collaborator in the Malaysian tenor's "Qiu Yueren Solo Concert"

2015: He served as a piano partner for the "41st Malaysian National Vocal Competition" in Sabah, Malaysia. In 2016, he participated as a choir piano accompanist in the performance of "Handel-Messiah" by the Music Department of National Taiwan University of Arts.

2017: He participated in the piano collaboration performance "Gourno-Faust" at the Taichung Opera House and the Music Department of Taichung University of the Arts.

2019: He participated in the vocal recital of lyric tenor Huang Guowei at the National Concert Hall as a piano collaborator. In 2019, he was invited as a piano collaborator to participate in the Vienna World Peace Art Festival, (Großer Musikvereinssaal/Goldener Saal) performance.

2020: His Chinese art songs and folk songs blog released by artists signed by Heguang Entertainment won the first place in the November sales list of classical music.

2021: He won the Best Piano Collaboration Award at the International Classical and Traditional Music Competition.

Full-time piano teacher at Aureus in Singapore.

Apart from their remarkable achievements as a pianist, Yang Di'an is also a multi-talented individual with various roles in the world of music and education. He proudly hold the position of Director at Bogu Culture and Art, where he contributes to the enrichment and promotion of the musical arts. Additionally, he has been honored as a designated sponsored artist by Guangfeng Group, showcasing their exceptional talent. Sharing his expertise as a music teacher at both Qidu Elementary School and Beitou High School, Yang Di'an continues to inspire and nurture young, aspiring musicians. Notably, his exceptional skills have been recognized with the Silver Medal in Piano Collaboration at the renowned North American Virtuoso International Music Competition, solidifying hi position as a true musical virtuoso.

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Calling All Accompanists: 

Join Us as the Official Piano Accompanist for the GASCA International Music Competition!

Attention all experienced and skilled piano accompanists! We are seeking an official piano accompanist for the upcoming GASCA International Music Competition. If you have exceptional musical expertise and interpretive abilities, we invite you to submit an application for consideration. Don't miss this opportunity to collaborate with extraordinary musicians and showcase your talent on a prestigious stage. Apply now and be a part of an unforgettable musical experience!