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International Instructor Award 傑出導師奬
專屬獎盃 Tailor Made Trophy

** The name your inserted above will be printed on the trophy, please make sure the spelling is correct | 您輸入的名字將打印在獎盃上,請確保拼寫正確 **

** If you wish to arrange the shipment together with your students' award, please contact us after you place the order  如希望與學生的獎項一同寄出,請於下單後聯絡我們**

In recognition of instructor's guidance to their students, the instructors whose student won the Championship, first runner-up, second runner-up, distinction award and outstanding award can apply for the Instructor Award. The printed Certificate and trophy will have the instructor's name printed on it. Kindly note that shipping fee would be charged separately according to the local postal fee.

Production Time:

2-3 months. It is highly advised that participants shall consider the production time required before applying for any of the above extra services. 


[In Hong Kong - SF express Local Delivery, paid by receivers]

[Other countries - via EMS International Postal Service , paid by receivers]

為表揚導師給予學生的指導, 所有獲獎者的導師均獲得傑出導師獎, 並可申請印有導師/學校名字的獎狀及獎盃。 請注意,運費將根據當地郵政費用另行收取。



【其他國家 - 通過 EMS 國際郵政服務,由收件人支付】


2-3個月。 強烈建議申請人在申請上述任何額外服務之前考慮所需的製作時間。


2023 金屬獎盃 

2023 Metal Trophy

Metal Trophy Size: 130mm (W) x 60mm (L) x 290mm (H) [Champ,1st Runner up , 2nd Runner up] 

150mm(W) x 60mm(L) x 240mm (H) [Distinction Award]

100mm (W) x 60 mm (L) x 205mm (H) [Outstanding Award]

金屬獎盃尺寸:130mm (W) x 60mm (L) x 290mm (H) [ 冠軍,亞軍,季軍 ]

150mm(W) x 60mm(L) x 240mm (H) [ 榮譽獎 ]

100mm (W) x 60 mm (L) x 205mm (H) [優異獎]