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Competition piano accompaniment service
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The official piano accompaniment service is available for participants of the International Music Competition who require a pianist to accompany their performance.

鋼琴伴奏服務: 此服務只適合弦樂和管樂組的參賽者,你可選擇只需比賽伴奏服務, 亦可在比賽前一天與伴奏家進行彩排 。


The Rehearsal will be on 21st December 2023, between 12:30-6:30pm or 22nd December 2023, between 10-12 pm . The exact timeslot will be assigned to you via email once payment is confirmed.

Booking Process:

1. A separate fee will be charged for the piano accompaniment service, which is to be paid by the participant. 

- The service fee is JPY5600/HKD300 per performance. Please note that this does not include any rehearsal time, if contestant wish to have another session to rehearsal with the accompanist, it's JPY9500/HKD500 per 30 mins at a studio which is 10 mins walk from Shinjuku Yotsuya Civic Hall.

2. The booking for piano accompaniment will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.

3. Once the payment is confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email, with the Rehearsal training center address and the appointment time. 


a. Additional rehearsal time may be requested, subject to availability and at an additional cost. The exact final rehearsal time will be depends on the contestant's performance time.

b. Rehearsal venue will be at StudioSpass, which is 10 mins walk from the competition venue. The piano accompanist will be waiting for the participant at the specific appointment time, participant must arrive the music training center 5 mins before their scheduled rehearsal time, any late comer will not be entertain. 


a. Participants must provide the sheet music or repertoire details to the official piano accompanist at least two weeks prior to the competition.


a. The official piano accompanist will be present during the participant's performance in the competition.

Cancellation and Refunds:

a. Upon confirmation of payment, the piano accompaniment service fee is non-refundable.


a. Participants are responsible for any damage caused to the provided sheet music 

Acceptance of Terms: By requesting and utilizing the official piano accompaniment service, participants agree to abide by these terms and conditions.