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Event Booklet / Souvenir Package
Event Booklet / Souvenir Package
Event Booklet / Souvenir Package
Event Booklet / Souvenir Package

Please select the quantity and proceed payment. 

Event Booklets and the souvenir package are available for pick up at the reception during the event.




Event BookletSouvenir Package

Event Booklet:

 The program can be viewed for FREE online. For those who prefer a physical copy, a printed booklet can be purchased on the official website. This option provides an opportunity to own a tangible copy of the booklet and function as a keepsake for those who attend the event. 

Please note that booklets or souvenirs will not be available for purchase on the competition date at the venue. Finalists can only purchase them online in advance and pick them up at the reception area.




Event Booklet (December 2023 edition):

Souvenir Package:

The Package included:

1 Event Booklet 

5 Postcards 

1 A4 Folder 

1 Music Clip 

1 Eco Bag

Original Price: JPY10,500/HKD550 

Early Bird Discount Price: JPY8,000/ HKD395

Included in this exclusive package are fantastic keepsakes that will make your musical journey even more memorable. Open it up to find a beautifully designed postcard, perfect for sending a heartfelt thank you to your supporters. 💫

But that's not all! You'll also receive a stylish A4 folder, keeping your sheet music organized and giving you that extra touch of professionalism. 📚

And of course, we couldn't forget about the environment! We're including a trendy eco bag, allowing you to showcase your passion for both music and sustainability. 🌍 As a special bonus, you'll receive a unique music clip that you can wear proudly, reminding everyone of your exceptional talent and remarkable achievement. 🎶

Don't miss this opportunity to cherish your GASCA International Music Competition experience with these exclusive souvenirs. Order yours now and relive the magical moments of your musical triumph! 🎉🎵